From The Mummy Files – Starting Solids

Ahhh… the joys of starting solids.

1. Thinking of what to prepare.

2. Researching that that food is age appropriate for bub.

3. Researching some more after Dr Google scared you.

4. Sourcing ingredients.

5. Prep time.

6. Prep time while bubs is screaming.

7. Getting bubs to stop screaming.

8. Prep time continued.

9. Steaming.

10. Pureeing.

11. Hand expressing to find the right consistency. Yes. Yes, I do feel like a cow in the middle of my kitchen.

12. Trying to get bubs to bend their legs to sit in the high chair.

13. Strapping bubs in the high chair.

14. Picking up the spoon and bowl that bubs threw OFF the high chair.

15. Cleaning up spilled solids.

16. Trying to get bubs to open their mouth.

17. Chasing bubba’smouth with the spoon.

18. Taking photos of that disgusted expression.

19. Continuing to chase bubba’s mouth with the spoon.

20. Wanting to give up after 20 minutes and only 3 teaspoons.

21. Rrrrrrp. Oh my. Was that a pumpkin poop explosion?!

22. Take fussing bub out of high chair and onto change table.

23. Start changing nappy.

24. See the explosion is up their neck.

25. Decide bath will be better.

26. Bubs is clean and freshly dressed.

27. Put on washing to get pumpkin (and poop!) out of onesie and bib.

28. So tired. Go to put feet up.

29. Sit down and realise high chair, floor and walls need cleaning.

30. Look at bench. Realise knives, peeler, steamer, blender, spoons, bowls need to be washed. Bench to be wiped down.

*sigh* do I really need to start solids now? I miss exclusively breastfeeding.